During my wedding planning, I realized I was utilizing all locally owned business; mostly women run too! I was excited to add Allie and Purejoyink to that planning process.
Allie was accessible, flexible, and timely.

She was able to give as much or as little as needed to help me with my invitations. We printed ours locally, and she was able to send me the original electronic versions for print; but would go as far as addressing the envelopes for people! Her prices are reasonable and it’s a JOY being able to talk to a friend about creating paper products – there are so many options!

I highly recommend Allie, especially as she continues to grow and can utilize Purejoyink to support her little cutie pie, Tobias! I went to college with Allie and she always brings an addictive laughter wherever she goes!! You’ll be lucky to involve Allie in one of the most important planning processes of your relationship.

Angie S – Bride